FAQs- Aguas Frescas

What is Agua Fresca?

Agua Fresca is traditionally made by blending fresh fruit, water, and sugar together. It is commonly made in large batches and served out of "Barrils" or clear plastic or glass containers that look like barrels. TUYYO Aguas Frescas are our modern take on the traditional drink, made with only 4 all natural ingredients, and is an easy and convenient way to make these Aguas at home.

Why don't I get the strong flavor that I get from other mass produced drink mixes?

Other companies add flavorings and other chemicals to artificially increase the flavors. We made these drinks to taste as close to traditional Aguas Frescas as possible which means using real fruit powders and Organic agave for the sweetener. Aguas Frescas are also traditionally a little more tame with their flavor profile so we always recommend adding in some chunks of cut up fruit to make it in the traditional way, and it’ll add a great punch of flavor!

Is this safe for my kids?

Yes, TUYYO Aguas Frescas mixes are all natural, made with no dyes, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. They are Vegan and Non-GMO. If you have any specific concerns, we always advise speaking with your family's medical professional.

Why isn't there a scooper?

We want to be as environmentally conscious as possible, there is no scoop to save plastic. Be sure to recycle your 100% recyclable container!

Can adjust the level of sweetness in my drink?

Yes! By adding more or less mix to your glass you can have a sweeter or less sweet drink.

Sometimes the mix doesn't dissolve right away, is this normal?

Yes this is perfectly normal. Because we use real food based powders that do not contain anti-caking agents and other icky stuff the mix may take a little longer to dissolve. You can let the mix sit for a few minutes and it will continue to dissolve into the water. We also find using room temperature water helps the mix dissolve quicker and then you can add ice for a cool refreshing beverage!

How do I make it?

Check out our Recipes page for visual directions on how to make it by the glass, or in a large batch for your next party!

Where can I enjoy it?

Anytime, anywhere! Take it on a hike or keep it on the counter to add some flavor to your drink whenever you want.

FAQs- Instant Coffees

Can I make iced coffee with the mix?

Yes! You can add cold water to the mix which makes for a great iced coffee :)

Is there any sugar in the flavored coffees?

No there is no sugar so you can make your coffee the way you like.

Is the coffee ethically sourced?

Yes! We use certified Organic and Fair Trade coffee to ensure we use the highest quality ingredient with ethical sourcing practices.